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Who we are

My family has always had an adventurous palate and for as long as I can remember, our daughter has asked me to make food with lots of flavor. I would cook things and she would ask me to make them spicy. I was left with no other option than to SPICE it UP! It's all about the FLAVOR”

We create all our own spice blends for unique flavor combinations. We love to make vibrant dishes that appeal to many palates. Our dishes are all about the flavor, not necessarily heat. But just ask and we will be happy to 'Spice You Up'

Award Winning

Our dishes are from around the world and are all about bold flavors. Over the last year we have been recognized for our amazing dishes and great tastes. Here is a small recap of what we're talking about:

*Queen Creek Olive Mill Three Time People's Choice Best Dish Winner
*Dietz and Watson / Scottsdale Food Truck Caravan Best Dish 2014
*http://Zeal for Zest Video
*http://Fox 10 Cooking in a Truck
*http://AZ Central Food Truck Caravan

If you are interested in booking the Spice it Up Food Truck for your event or want to have us to cater your next party, give us a call or send us an email.

480-244-7613  or info@spiceituptruck.com

The Spices We Use

Chris and Al - Spice it Up Owners

Our Truck on the Road

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